Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fabric Daze!

Remember when I said that the fabric in Ghana is unreal well I decided to make some tailored dresses a reality! Today Christina, Rachel and I ventured into Mankessim to pick out some quality fabric. We found a sweet woman who educated us on the fabrics and the stories behind some of them. Excited with our new purchases we went home and did some research about what we wanted our dresses to look like. Eagerly we ran down the street to Miracle Fabrics and met with Benjamin, the tailor. He took our measurements and discussed how our dresses would look like. Here are some photos from our adventure!
Ben taking my measurements.
Figuring out the length of Christina's dress.
She is gonna look like a princess!
Ben writes down our measurements and requests for the dresses.
Fabric and photos of what we want.
Designs for my dresses.
Colorful fabrics decorate the inside of their business.
Our fabric was 10 cedis for 2 yards. It costs 8 cedis for a dress and 5 cedis for a skirt. Total for a tailored dress fabric and all is $9 US. It is unreal. I am so glad I didn't pack a lot of clothes because I fully intend to come home with a new Ghanaian wardrobe. It will be tasty!

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