Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life is Tasty!

What a Sunday! The house ended the weekend on a relaxing note. Beach trip! Here are some photos from the day.
So colorful!
Fresh vegetables galore!
Taking it all in!
A mountain of flour?
Tasty Tom is an oil brand and definitely my favorite.
Walking with Rebecca and Kyle to grab a taxi.
In case you were wondering, where shoes are bought and sold.
This guy had a more visually appealing set up.
Choices, choices!
In the tro (taxi van)! It cost 70 pesewas which is 35 cents!
We make it to Anomabo!
Brigaders enjoy the beautiful beach!
Christina and I stayed a little longer.
Catching the sunset on the way home!
Cool looking Guiness ad.
Pass this building A LOT and finally got to snap a photo of it. Immediately after taking this I got scolded t and then a woman demanded that I pay for the photo. Luckily, some kids came to the rescue and told us I didn't have to pay and on our way we went.
Hilarious barber shop signs!
How not to take care of your community.
Fufu! Super popular dish in Ghana. It is casava and plantains boiled and mashed up. It is very thick and difficult to swallow. I have heard that it fills you up so you can take fewer meals. Unfortunately, it lacks vitamins and nutrients.
I loved this barber shop ad!
The mosque near the house. It looked amazing.
I am kicking off the week with a canopy walk and a visit to the slave castle in Cape Coast! Expect some great photos. I also have the honor of cooking dinner for everyone tomorrow night. Here is to hoping it comes out tasty and there is plenty to go around. Hope you had an amazing Sunday!

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  1. Awesome photos!! I love that you and Christina stayed later at the beach. girl bonding! I wanna be there too! hahaha. Also, I didn't realize that Kanye got his hair trimmed in Ghana... damn. small world ;)

    Miss you.