Saturday, August 25, 2012

My First Week in the Communities!

Here is a quick photo share of the amazing work I witnessed in the communities during my first week. Enjoy!
Community members line up to receive their medications. Also,  note the huge tanks! That is one of our rainwater harvesting systems.

Cute girl!

Boys fighting to get their photo taken.

Dalhousie dental students show to brush properly. I am going to be a pro master at teeth brushing by the end of the year.

Kids show off their stickers and teeth brushing tracking sheets.

First try of street food. Fried rice and fried chicken! I am addicted to the fried chicken in Ghana.

Christina and I step out for a beer.

And then cows came home.

Kings discusses malaria prevention and treatment, nutrition, and exercises.

Sisters at our Public Health station.

What not to do.

People line to see a doctor. Some folks came as far as Ivory Coast. 

Made a friend while observing!

Dental students remove a decaying tooth.

Beautiful babies!

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  1. I love everything about this! The cows coming home. ha! How's the beer? I imagine it light and hoppy. The pics are so colorful and gorgeous. You look absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy for you!